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PostureRay version 21

  • X-ray and Posture Annotation tool -long awaited, add notes as well as unique measurements on top of x-rays that is outside of the normal digitization EHR functions.
  • Custom Patient Report Template – Custom PDFs in your PostureRay Reports
  • AP Fullspine and Fullspine Scoliosis
  • Modified Ferguson Short Leg view Scoliosis Analysis – Finally we know you all wanted this!
  • Ability in scoliosis views to select superior or inferior portion of vertebrae for Cobb analysis
  • “Image Jumping – automatic image scrolling” to location when digitizing under magnification to save time!
  • Reporting of AP Cervical from AP Fullspine: if more than one apex in C2-T9 region, the apex with the biggest Translation from T9 is selected
  • Reporting of Sectional Scoliosis from Fullspine scoliosis: the curves having the larges Risser-Fergusson values are selected
  • Increased vertebrae digitizing levels on multiple views
  • Atlas and Genesis EHR integration updated
  • Lateral sectional and Fullspine – New CBP measurement S1centroid offset to hip axis
  • quicker method to jump into new examination when entering new client demographics.

Image Jump Image Scrolling to Location when digitizing under magnification
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Annotation Module for marking additional information on x-ray images
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AP FullSpine Analysis
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Custom PDF Report Builder
Now you can insert any PDF documents and customize your PostureRay Report documents!
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