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PostureRay PDF printing Issue After Windows Update

If you go to PRINT a report while in PostureRay, you may notice nothing is happening. This is due to a recent Windows Update that caused an interruption in printing services between Adobe Reader and your printer.This has nothing to do with PostureRay specifically and was caused by Microsoft changes in Windows. There are a few things you can do to resolve this issue yourself.

First, try reinstalling your Adobe Reader DC software, and making sure you don’t have Adobe Reader DC and Adobe Reader Pro installed at the same time. You can view these within the Programs menu in your Control Panel in Windows. Once you’ve successfully uninstalled Adobe Reader Pro, you’ll want to visit to download the latest version of Adobe Reader DC. Be careful to uncheck any boxes under “Optional Offers” that offer free Chrome installations, or toolbars, as we don’t want you to clutter your computer with unnecessary programs. 

If reinstalling Adobe Reader DC does not resolve your issue, you can also try updating Windows once more, by clicking Start, then searching Updates, to locate your Windows Update window. If  all updates are installed, you may want to wait until the following week (usually Tuesday or Wednesday) for Microsoft to issue the next patch, as this has solved over 90% of the user’s issues. Additionally, you can also try installing another PDF viewer application and set that as your default program for viewing PDFs or even associate Chrome or Edge Browser as the PDF viewer.

If the above fails to solve your issue, you can try saving the PDFs to a folder on your computer and simply opening the PDF and printing from that location.

If all of this fails, and if you are on an older version of PostureRay that is no longer supported, you will need to update to the latest supported version of PostureRay which was programmed to address the changes Microsoft made.