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PDFs do not print correctly following Windows Update

Recently on October 2, 2018, Windows update caused PDF printing issues which are quite wide spread.  This is not a PostureRay nor PostureScreen problem, rather it is an Adobe issue, in which several changes were made to Adobe Reader DC and other Adobe Products users have reported issues with losing the ability to print documents correctly with images reportedly missing.

Adobe is aware of the issue as you can see below by the screen shot of their acknowledgement:

Adobe had updated their Acrobat Reader DC and has resolved this issue for Windows 10 Users.

To update Adobe Acrobat Reader DC,  simply click the help in the acrobat reader program and choose “check for updates”

Video tutorial:


The solution is to print your documents using another PDF application, or even the browser.  If you save the PDF documents to your hard drive you can then right click and choose to ‘open with’ and simply choose Chrome or even the Edge browser.  Then you will see the documents open and if you print from there it will print correctly.

If you would like to make another program a default PDF viewing program, please see the attached documents corresponding to either Windows & or Windows 10, depending on which is installed on your computer for the suggested work around until Adobe updates their Acrobat Reader software.

Please see PDF documents attached to this article.

Once you associate a new application with PDF documents on your computer, when you open up PDF documents within PostureRay, Windows should then open them in this new application.  Note, this may not be within the PostureRay window, and you may be opening up external to PostureRay,

Additionally, you can also try installing other PDF viewer programs and make them the default as well.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but as you can see, our software was not and is not responsible for this issue.
Please reach out to if you have additional questions.