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No significant displacements?

Problem: PostureScreen user report that they have posture exams performed with significant posture deviations, however, the report states no significant deviations.

The problem is that the staff is likely having a typo this when entering the height of the client which is crucial for accurate linear deviation assessment.   

In order to check and rule this out, simply open the case you have question about, open that assessment, click the “edit” icon for the assessment, choose “Name and Pictures” and check their height. 

Please now look at the height entered. The height is likely incorrect.  So use the selector tool to scroll through their correct height instead of keying in, as they simply keyed in too fast and that is  the likely error. 

Next,  click edit PostureScreen at bottom and click next through the posture exam, and then on results you should see the linear distances are now calculated.

The linear distances are dependent on accurate height, so by the typo, the staff inadvertently told the software that say 5’9″ person bah have been 5″ for example.  This throws off pixel to distance calibration needed.  Hopefully that explains.  Please let us know if you have any additional questions.