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Move to New iPad from an Old iPad

Many people have questions how to accomplish moving from old iPad to a new iPad.  There are many ways to accomplish this, the first is to decide do you want the new iPad to be a clone of the old device or do you wish to have it set up as a “new” device but just with new app data.  Please do know that the Apple ID must NOT change and must be the same Apple ID on both the old and new iPad otherwise Apple will make you purchase the app and in-app upgrades again.  Even if it is a family shared plan, Apple will make you purchase all of the in-app purchases and subscriptions again if you change your Apple ID.  (Please see what is not shared in their support article here: . However, you can transfer client data between devices with different Apple IDs still using SyncScreen.

Video Introduction:

SyncScreen Cloud – Set up and share data easily while backing up data.  This is the easiest and most preferred method. Data can be accessed and stored in cloud and reside on many devices.  Never search to see what device an assessment was first performed just to only perform a follow up assessment.

iTunes or iCloud Back and Restore: Use this method to make your new device a clone of the old one. (Except credits do not transfer)