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Manual Backup using App Document sharing feature in iTunes

It is very important to back up your device to iTunes or iCloud.  This is an absolute must.

However, it is also helpful to backup just the PostureScreen Mobile data itself.  Currently we offer some integration for small databases with and most importantly our own and most robust solution, SyncScreen.

Unfortunately, there are limitations to using the internet based backup methods of when a user has a significantly large PostureScreen database.  This is where SyncScreen comes into suggested use.

An Alternative, however, not full proof method, when your database for PostureScreen Mobile is greater then 250mb, you will be prompted to connect your device to a computer running iTunes.  This allows you manually backup your application data.  This process is INDEPENDENT from the normal iTunes or iCloud syncing and backup protocols.  Remember you should ALWAYS back up to either iTunes or iCloud for your device backup itself. This allows you to use the “File sharing” from the applications through iTunes to make a folder backup. There are however some limitations and during this backup method you may encounter database corruptions. Thus it is suggested to use this as an additional method but not in lieu of SyncScreen and iCloud device backup.

If you would like to learn more about iTunes manual backup protocols, please watch the following video, as well as view the support article on this topic at Apple’s support forum:

Manual Backup on Windows Based Computer running iTunes, video link (Windows 10 and iTunes 12):

Windows has a path and file name limitation that limits the path and file name to 256 characters.  We found what works best on a Windows PC to make a folder off of the C:\ Root like C:\Temp\ then copying the files to that folder. 
Video link:

Manual Backup with PostureScreen backup link on Apple Mac:
Video link:

Starting in version 4.3 of PostureScreen we updated the file structure – in the above videos there is not a ‘PostureScreenFiles folder’  Thus, when you select all, please include this folder with your backup. All the documents below will need to be included in your manual document share backup, there also may be additional files not shown here as well as you may not see some of these files.  Please be sure to select all, and Save TO a selected folder on your hard drive.  It may take some time to copy over. So be sure to watch the progress bar in the top of iTunes for progress of the backup.  If you fail to backup everything, a restore using this app data will fail.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a STATIC backup for data recovery.  When you restore this data if needed, it will over write your existing PostureScreen backup.  It is for this reason, and many other benefits, that our SyncScreen Servicewas developed to overcome this limitation.