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Lumbar Scoliosis Digitization – CBP

This tutorial covers how to properly assess a Lumbar scoliosis using PostureRay. Be sure to choose the end points and apex very carefully as this can have drastic effect on the assessed measurements. 

​Note if you need to digitize a double curve be sure to use the Thoracic spine assessment to process a film from T1-L5.

Very important, a clinician must first decide which vertebrae are the end-vertebrae of the curve along with the apex. These end-vertebrae are the vertebrae at the upper and lower limits of the curve which tilt most severely toward the concavity of the curve.  You also must be very careful on making sure that you digitize the endplates carefully as well at these end points as this along with choosing different end vertebrae can drastically affect the Cobb scoliosis measurements.

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