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LeanScreen – Your First Assessment

This tutorial is for LeanScreen

This is a LeanScreen tutorial – The Fat Analysis Photo Finish.  This patented technology feeds measurements data for body composition into various body composition statistical equations (originally those used by US Department of Defense on cadets and updated with our own DEXA correlation algorithms) in order to find estimates on Percent Body Fat.  Additionally this upgrade module can also calculate BMI, BMR, and Waist to Hip Ratio.  This process of patented photographic estimation of anthropometry has never been done on a mobile device until now with LeanScreen.  Here is the current research study on LeanScreen:

This support article applies to the choice of anatomical landmarks for validity during Body Composition Analysis.  It is CRITICAL that you follow PRECISE calibration protocols as outlined in the PostureAnalysis section.  Failure to do so, or erroneously clicking the wrong anatomical landmarks will lead to less valid results.

This LeanScreen Module is a one time purchase module unlock for all your devices under the same Apple ID, or it is included while enrolled under the Unlimited Assessment Subscription available within any of our base applications.

Please note for an effective assessment, it is recommended to have the client in the most revealing clothing as possible.  For example, tight gym clothing and sports top for women is preferred over clients wearing a baggy t-shirt.  If the clothes are baggy, we recommend using clothes pins to ‘tighten up’ the clothes against the body, to better reveal the body margins for analysis. The TIGHTER the clothes or minimal clothing, the more accurate you will be and the results will be. Gym attire where body margins are clearly defined is obviously preferred. In the following example, the client is in clothing, but it is still suitable to assess landmarks for demonstrating purposes on how to use this application.  For clinical use, tight fitting clothing is recommended for proper, uniform and reliable  assessments.  For men, tight shorts with shirt off is best.  For women, tight shorts with a sports top is recommended.

Recommend Minimal clothing or tight fitting clothing for increased accuracy.  The example below is simply a tutorial, and the client being a male should only be in a tight pair of shorts, with no shirt. Women should have tight shorts and sport bra.

Video Link:

LeanScreen Tutorial

Please note, we have depreciated support for the Structure Sensor in our application. 3D functions with the structure sensor will no longer be supported. Prior Assessments will remain in the application. Please utilize the accurate LeanScreen 2D Photographic Body Composition Module within PostureScreen which is noted above.