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LeanScreen 3D Marker Placement

NOTE: Please note, we have depreciated support for the Structure Sensor in our application. 3D functions with the structure sensor will no longer be supported. Prior Assessments will remain in the application. Please utilize the accurate LeanScreen 2D Photographic Body Composition Module within PostureScreen

This tutorial is left online for older app versions.

This tutorial will review the basics following a 3D capture of your client on how to place the 3D markers for measurement.  

When you scan, try to include the floor, and have clients arms and legs spread enough for circumference measurements.  If they are too close or have baggy clothing or hair in the way, the circumferences and assessment data will not be valid as the Structure Sensor can not discriminate between clothes or skin, it merely sees objects.  So when scanning with women we suggest sports top and spandex/tight shorts; men need to have only tight shorts on or spandex.

Video link to tutorial on marker placement:

Recommend Minimal clothing or tight fitting clothing for increased accuracy.