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iOS Passcode Security App Lock and report encryption (HIPAA)

There are many features of PostureScreen mobile that allow the user to turn on many HIPAA compiant features.  First, the user should obviously set up their mobile device to have a password on the lock screen.

Second, the user should set up their device with iCloud to allow remote tracking as well as ‘remote wiping’ features, should you ever lose your device, you can erase your data.

Third, you should turn on the password PDF security option and when you perform a screening that you plan to email, obtain a password from your client/patient which is unique only to them.  This feature is found under the settings tab, and is turned on once a user puts in the master password for their clinic/company.  Once this is performed, a new text box will appear on the patient data input screen, allowing for unique password input specific to that individual patient.  This allows the PDF you email to be totally secure and encrypted where the patient/client will be asked for a password in order to open and view the postural analysis.

Lastly, a user can set up the application to have its own passcode upon app startup.  Thereby adding yet another security feature to the security of your patient/client records.

This passcode feature  will not allow any resets of the password. However, as noted in the following video, you MUST remember this passcode, as we have no way of retrieving this information by our company. So please keep track of your password.  Please watch the following video for details.

How to turn on and off the passcode app lock security feature: