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Instability Analysis

Many people have question on our PostureRay X-Ray EMR’s ability to aid in measuring spinal instability.  We utilize the following three methods for instability Analysis:

1. Posterior Tangent Intersegmental Method
2. End Plate (Base Line) Method – AMA Guides 5th and 6th editions
3. Penning’s Analysis  Templating

Does our software automatically tell you the “Impairment Rating” – NO.  We have chosen to let the doctor be a doctor.  This is quite important in the world of med-legal arena.  Our software will aid in determination instability by way of mensuration, but it is up to the doctor to utilize this information of which PostureRay assists, so the doctor can choose to add this into the total whole body impairment of the patient in question once they have stabilized and are at “Maximal Medical Improvement”.

Below is an abbreviated lecture on the differences of the assessments for instability.  For more detail, we highly recommend you attend a CBP Whiplash Trauma Seminar , and a certification through the ICA. The Advances in the Management of Traumatic Injuries (AMTI) is a new program offered by the Council of Applied Chiropractic Sciences of the International Chiropractors Association (ICA). AMTI is designed to educate chiropractors on up-to-date evidence-based subluxation identification and management due to spinal injuries. This 80-hour, 6 module program will help maximize patient recovery, instruct how to properly document injuries and use the most relevant clinical practice guidelines to support care plans. Upon completion, candidates will receive a certificate. For more information, please visit the ICA website:

Instability Lecture Video link:

How to turn on/off MMI Statement:

How to turn on/off Penning’s Assessment: