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How to start a new assessment other then the default assessment

In version 10.3 of PostureScreen, LeanScreen, and SquatScreen, we moved to starting all new assessments with the dedicated assessment based on which application you downloaded.

So for example, if you downloaded PostureScreen, then all new clients with their first assessment, it defaults to a PostureScreen. Conversley, if your base app is LeanScreen, then your initial assessment will be a LeanScreen. This was done in order to save time.

Given the feedback we have received already for version 10.3, we have decided to build in the assessment selection menu on all new client assessments regardless and not choose to default, and let you as the user decide which assessment to begin with. This will be released in the next update.

For now, it is a simple work around, and this does not spend any credits if you you follow these steps if you are using the application off of a subscription.

iPhone tutorial:

iPad tutorial: