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How to Re-install an older version of App which is no longer Compatible.

In this tutorial we walk you through on how to install or reinstall an older version of PostureScreen. The reason this may occur is if you have the app installed, and accidentally delete it. And the device is on an older operating system no longer supported by the latest version of PostureScreen, if you browse the AppStore for PostureScreen, you will not see the app even listed.

We are not sure why Apple chooses to hide applications not compatible instead of simply showing them and noting it is not compatible with the device. For example, if your devices is on iOS12 and can not update to iOS13 operating system, then you will not see PostureScreen, as the newer versions of PostureScreen starting with version 10 REQUIRE the updated iOS13 in order to work and be installed.

So if you have never purchased PostureScreen before, you will have to install it on a supported newer device and then you can open AppStore on your older device and use this method to install an older version.

If you have deleted PostureScreen on an older device and wish to reinstall, this is how it is done as well since it is the same process.

Video tutorial link: