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How to Change your Device Language in order to change app language

To change your language on your iOS please see the following link:
In order to proceed with changing and editing text you will need to have at least purchased the edit text report module or simply be enrolled in an Unlimited Subscription which it is included.Once you change the language on your device, if you started in another language when you downloaded the application, you will need to open PostureScreen (SquatScreen or LeanScreen) click Settings within app>Editable Report Text and PDF Letterhead>Scroll to the bottom and click Restore Default Text button.  By doing this all the original text will be restored, but this time based on the operating system language of the device.  Currently our application is translated and supports the following languages:   English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Italian, Russian, German, French, Hindi, Korean. 

Further note you can still use the edit report features to further customize both the email templates and the PDF documents themselves.  

Please note you can NOT simply toggle quickly between multiple languages. If you have a practice which is mostly bilingual we suggest you edit the reports in a manner that you have both languages in one report. or you use two separate devices, one set to say English, and one set to the other language like Spanish for example.

Tutorials for editing text on iOS:

To change device language on Android:
Tutorials on editing text on Android: