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How to Change Credit Card for PostureRay Technical Support Maintenance / Virtual View Box Account.

1) Go to any Browser and type in

2) On the right side enter your email address and your online account password (its not the password you use when signing into PostureRay itself, but rather your online account password that you use to login to the online viewbox and your account)

3) If your password has changed and you do not know it then press below and you will see Forgot Password.  if you change this password then we will need to change it again inside Postureray.

4) Once you are in and you see your Client List  on the top right press on Your Clinic Name near the Sign out option.   

5) Select SUBSCRIPTION on the left side Menu  

6) On the right side, look at the very bottom you will see the word CREDIT CARD – click on it and this is where you can change your credit card and press SAVE

Below is an additional tutorial video