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How is posture analyzed in the app? Interpretation of reports

Question: How does PostureScreen Mobile analyze the general points?In General, the posture is analyzed from the region above to the region below, not to the green plumb line which is simply for education on sagittal balance.

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The head tilt angle is the line between the eyes measured against horizontal.  It is not measured against a body part.
The head horizontal offset is the difference between the eye-line midpoint and the neck point (episternal notch).

The linear offset is the horizontal distance from the neck point (episternal notch) to the center point of the rib cage line.  This is not an angle, it is simply the distance shifted.

The shoulder angle is off of true horizontal. It is not measured from another body landmark.

This pattern is true for the other landmarks.  Head, Shoulder, and Ribs angles are all measured off the horizontal. Ribs linear offset is measured against Hips midpoint; Hips linear offset is measured against Feet midpoint.  

From the side, the horizontal translation is measured against the next lowest point. So linear line vertical, then at height linear distance to point above if you were to do by hand. So the linear head shift is the horizontal distance of the ear point compared to the shoulder point.  All side translations are measured against the next lowest point.

We are currently reporting the angles of offset in the 4 view analysis (Advanced report in iOS only).  We are adding additional measurements in version 8 of PostureScreen for iOS such as CVA and head tilt (lateral canthus of eye to external auditory meatus to horizontal).

The green plumb line is currently for patient education. It is drawn vertical at midpoint between the foot digitized points in the frontal view. In the lateral view it is drawn up from the ankle.
Video on Basic 2 View Report Interpretation:

Video on Advanced 4 View Report Interpretation: