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Erase iPad and/or Restore iPad from iCloud

This is a basic tutorial on how to reset a device (erase it and then restore).  Then restore the device using an iCloud backup.  

***NOTE: This method also works if you have had iCloud backups and you get a NEW iPad or iPhone, please watch this view this video as it is the same method of restoring a NEW device as well.  If you accidentally set up your device as a NEW device BUT really want it to have the data of your OLD device, please watch this tutorial.

This is very helpful in case your data on your device became corrupted, or you simply got a new device and wish to restore it to an old backup on iCloud. If you failed to have “app data” backup using the “Backup” button in PostureScreen Mobile to DropBox or Box services (not simply sending PDF documents to Dropbox or Box) then this may be your only method of restoring your app data should you have any problem.

ALWAYS make sure you know you have an iCloud backup and have been performing this backup strategy. Unfortunately, you can only see the date and time of the very last back up on icloud on your device, if you had a problem, you may need to restore to an EARLIER backup.  Please see video for details.

​PLEASE NOTE: doing this method restores your device and ALL app data to the date you restored and chose from the backups.  Please see video below for details.

NOTE: If you are restoring due to a data corruption, you MUST make sure the date you choose for your icloud restore pre-dates when you had a problem.  Thus if you started noticing problems 2 days ago, do not restore to an iCloud backup that is from 1 day ago as that would be a backup of the corrupted database.  This should obviously make sense.

Video link: