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DropBox Folders – Find PDFs and Images

Many people have called and express that they are having problem locating the files they push (both images and PDFs) from PostureScreen Mobile to Dropbox.  Many times, it is that they are on the wrong dropbox account in that a staff member changed the dropbox folder on device due to running out of space on their free account, and forgot to update the desktop or laptop that the other staff member is browsing to find the images or PDF documents.

However, if you are sure this is not the case, simply look at this example folder structure wherever you installed DropBox (note that this drive letter can be different depending on if you are on a Mac or Windows – you can have a custom install path, however, the PostureScreenMobile folder hierarchy will remain and be constant.

NOTE: If you dont see subfolders in your dropbox and are sure it “pushed” from your device, it is NOT a PostureScreen Mobile, rather it must be a DropBox error or account problem:

Look for this path for example when pushing “Initial Reports”

The reports and images will reside under each report folder.

Here is the video walk through: