DICOM Vendor- Tech Question: Importing DICOM Files

We get many questions from x-ray vendors on the methods utilized by our x-ray EMR to import images.  In this example, we will show how the image importing occurs.  Please remember, PostureRay is an EMR and not a PACS.  We do not support IP and Port  push from aa other radiography modalities.  Thus the .dcm files must be exported or saved as .dcm by the clinician to a shared folder, which we search. We can also browse and search the Image Store as long as the system stores the .dcm in non-proproetary dicom format. 

We prefer a 12 , 14 or 16 bit dicom with a format extension of .DCM. with a High quality JPEG 2000 compressed dicom. It can be stored anywhere on the network as we will search insider a dicom root folder and read the dicom header.  As long as header info is complete in meta data, we can isolate the correct xrays using the method shown in the video.  (Naomi software will need to use the presentation file type .dic DICOM format)

We always recommend that doctors maintain some sort of PACS solution, as our system is not a PACS and DICOM images are converted to .jpg within our system.

Please see the following video for details

​Video Link: