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Denneroll Stress X-Ray Comparison

If you use the Denneroll orthotic in your practice, you likely also do “Stress X-Rays” also known as “Correction Potential Films”  to see how the patient’s spine will respond to the orthotic.  So you can get a great follow up ROF document explaining the reasoning behind this exam and necessity for a normal cervical lordosis.  Education has never been then easy!

This feature can be used for any group of exercises such as Scoliosis Correction Potential Stress xrays as well.  By creating new exams, you allow for any combination of reports to occur as well as viewing options on the view box.

In a future version of PostureRay we will also have available a “Trend” or a multi x-ray view allowing multiple side by side xrays.

To quickly start a new exam after you are done with their neutral views in the client exam, click “New Evaluation” after entering the client’s last name in the top right of the Client Info Tab in the PostureRay evaluation screen.

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