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Changing the angle of the heads up display

Many people ask if you have to get on your knee to center the device in order to get the horizontal line to turn green.  Simply follow the steps in this video in order to change this heads up display pitch calibration.

By doing this, you can also get close to the client.  Also note, the iPad2 has a terrible camera requiring you to be much further back away from client.  Newer iPads and iPad Mini devices have a 5 Megapixel camera with better lens and the new iPad Air2 has even better camera, an 8 Megapixel.  This allows you to be closer to the patient, then when you use an older iPad2 – the first iPad with a camera.

The average user of our application prefers 15-20 degree heads up display tilt.  There are some advantages.  The more tilt, means you can stand up taller when taking photos.  Another advantage to a 15-20 degree tils is that you are closer to the height of the shoulders, so you can see shoulder offset better relative to ground (ie. high shoulder).  A con to this though is that you have a slightly distorted image where the upper torso (being closer to the camera) is larger in ration then reality compared to the legs and feet.  Most clinicians do prefer the 15 degree tilt and standing while taking the photos, and seems to be the “Sweet Spot” for most and best of both worlds.

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