Changing Exam Date

Many people ask how to change an exam date, as they likely are importing pictures from their camera roll.  When you create an exam, it will default to today’s current date.  You can easily go back and edit the prior exam date by choosing the edit option.  Please see this examples:

Changing an exam date in the beginning of an examination
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Changing an examination of a prior examination:
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Changing Date – European date bug – Does not allow to change date in application.  This is a work around until we work with Apple to track down how to resolve this bug.  You must change from the European date format back to US Customary date format in the device settings in order to be able to change the date back on an examination. For most people this is not an issue as when you create an exam the correct date regardless of region will be used.  This only applies when you go back and try to edit the exam date or create a new exam for an older date based on older photographs.

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