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Change Languages

To change the language of PostureScreen, please note you must change the language of the device itself.  If you do NOT wish to change the device language but wish to have the application say in English, but the PDF reports in another language such as Spanish you can.  All you need to do is simply use the edit report module to edit and modify the text.  Just know that you can not on the spur of the movement toggle between languages in PostureScreen if your business is bi-lingual.  So in those cases, we recommend that you edit the email and PDF templates to accommodate both languages, so paraphrase in the space allotted both English and Spanish (or any other language) so that a PDF of PostureScreen, LeanScreen or SquatScreen have both languages.  Here is link to how to make edits to text:

To  change the complete language quickly of the device, and application, simply follow Apple’s tutorial here: Next once you change the iOS device language, you must now open the edit report text module and scroll to the bottom and click “Restore Default Text”.  So to do this, open PostureScreen>Settings>Editable Report Text and Office Letterhead>Restore Default Text.  By clicking Restore Default Text button, the app will then replace the text with the default reports in the language of the device itself.

Currently our application on iOS is translated into the following languages:  English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Italian, Russian, German, French, Hindi, Korean