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Change Language on your device and iOS application

In this tutorial we will instruct you how to change your default text from one language to another.

When you download the iOS version of our application, the version language of your device dictates what language the application and reports will be in.

If you downloaded the application in one language and wish to change to another language, you can by following these tutorials from apple:

Here is how it looks on iOS13 with version 10.3 of our application during this process, tutorial #1:

Change Language part 1

After your device restarts, here is how it appears and the next step required:

Changing Language of PostureScreen

Note there is no option to change languages on the fly going back and forth between languages. If you have a population of clients where you service a bilingual community, you should consider using the edit report module, and altering the text in such a way to have both languages in your own words. Or consider having two devices, one in one language and one set to another language.