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Cervical Morphology (CBP Technique)

This is an overview on how to use and add cervical morphology measurement findings when you digitize a lateral cervical sectional x-ray.  This is not intended to replace any CBP seminar where we discuss on the implications of such findings or how it is derived.  These tutorials are only intended to teach you how to use PostureRay, not teach you CBP technique.  We defer all technique questions to the seminar series themselves, click here for more information on attending a CBP seminar:

Please note, this does not predict the patient’s morphology, rather only lists the PTSIA. Once CBP has more research p[ublished on this topic we may be able to suggest the actual curve estimates like that of the lumbar spine when a client is outside of the normal limits.

How to turn on Cervical Morphology starting in Version 19, video link: