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Billing for PostureRay?

Many doctors ask us if we believe they should “bill” insurance companies for using PostureRay.  Our answer is a clear NO.  While we feel our EMR provides fantastic reports for documentation, you should ONLY bill for your standard professional/technical components.  So this means that in our opinion, if you are billing insurance, you already need to provide documentation ‘read’ for the x-rays regardless if done by hand, dictated, and traditional emr or using postureray.  Thus, PostureRay reports are simply making this task easier for you.  It was not meant for a way to bill any other charges, as if you are a practicing doctor, you must be documenting your findings yourself anyway.  PostureRay merely provides a better and faster way to do this.  For all billing questions, you should always consult a billing certified specialist that is certified. Also we believe while a staff member can help you put in patient demographic data, even uploading x-rays – the doctor is ultimately responsible for putting in all custom reporting on pathologic and general impressions as well as patient education components.  More importantly, the doctor – just as if xray analysis was done by hand – ultimately is responsible for verifying the digitization was performed correctly before he signs off on any clinical records.  The PostureRay x-ray emr is only as good as the operator.