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Background Removal on Assessments

Starting in version 12.2 of our applications, you can now toggle on or off the baground removal feature based on your preferences. You can also change from the default color white to any other color or load an image as a background if you wish. Please note on some cases, the background removal artificial intelligence might crop out a limb or foot depending on the lighting. Thus you can choose to toggle it off for that assessment on an assessment basis.

 You can disable Background Removal at the exam level on a case by case basis or permanently at the app level in settings.  To disable at the exam level, when you take your images there is a “Disable Background Removal for this assessment” toggle switch on the client info screen.  If you toggle that switch ON, the background removal is disabled for that exam but enabled for future exams.

You can permanently turn it off in Settings, Image & Video, Background removal, then toggle the “Use background removal when possible” switch to off.