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App Crash after Update or Corruption

From time to time, regardless of iOS version or application, people will have an issue with an application upgrade or database corruption.  While this is rare, it can occur on an iPhone, iPad or Android device just like with any desktop or laptop computer. 

When a database corruption occurs symptoms can include “crashes” spontaneously during an assessment where the app returns to the home screen of the device.  Another symptom of a database corruption would be past assessments for clients only have photos which were analyzed previously but now show “incomplete” assessments.  Additionally, you could see your list of clients where only their name shows and no images are present for the past assessments.  Any combination of the above could also occur.

While we can not predict why or how all occurrences of a database corruption can occur, we are aware of one possibility which a user does have control.  During a new app update and database upgrade process, a warning screen is displayed, warning user to not close down application and if someone closes down and ignores this warning, potentially the operating system may not be able to recover, and the end result will be a corrupted database, thus why there is a warning as seen below. 

Migration Screen Warning:

In any case for a database corruption just like on a normal computer, the solution is starting with a fresh database and or restore your application backup from a PRIOR date that PRE-DATES the time you had a corrupted application.

There are 3 options:

  1. Delete application, redownload, and restore data from SyncScreen Cloud backup.  Note your staff must have been using this service prior and uploading your client assessments to the secure cloud prior to your issue.  Creating a SyncScreen account post application corruption will not restore data that was never backed up in the first place.
  2. Delete your whole device, restore an iTunes or iCloud device level backup.  Again the restoration date chosen must be prior to the date you noted an issue.  Any data not backed up say from any other application on the device is also reverted to the backup date.  So please proceed cautiously.
  3. Delete the application and re-download and start fresh.  If you must do this or chose this, all is not lost in that very likely, you have already emailed out your assessments to your client and are in your sent email history, or if a clinician you have likely already put the documents into your EHR system

For links to all backup related training and tutorials, please see:—backup-your-app-