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Android Refund Request

There are times on Android where our application simply does not function a certain device, and trouble shooting the problem still unfortunately comes up with no answers.  In these situations, we will offer a refund for the application and the in-app purchases for PostureScreen Mobile.

In order to perform a refund, we MUST have the order/receipt number that Google Play provided on the receipt.  So you will need to send us this information or FW the receipts with the request to

There is no other way for our company to look up your sale an offer a refund, as Google blinds us from seeing your name or any unique information.  So we ONLY have access to this unique receipt number.

If you can not find this email for your sales, simply go to this Google Play help link to see how to login to your account and view your purchase history

After you get the receipt please forward this “Transaction ID” which will be a long list of numbers such as:

Then forward this request specifically asking for a refund to