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Alternate Backdrop Calibration

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to use a known distance in the patient’s picture to calibrate a linear distance. This is a legacy setting for the original method of calibration. With new versions of PostureScreen, our app will accurately crop to the patients known height, so make sure their height is entered correctly. This setting should not be used under most circumstances. This method should only be used in rare circumstances in case of a seated person for example where they are wheel chair bound for example.

Before you turn this on, if you are not sure, please reach out to a support representative. If you are getting prompted to mark calibration and this is NOT what you wish to do, this video at the end will show you how to turn this method off.

Please note this tutorial is demonstrated on an older version of PostureScreen. In nearly all scenarios, please do not turn this on, and use the default settings in PostureScreen.

Video link: