Designed by chiropractors, these remarkable new spinal remodeling devices are based on tested Chiropractic BioPysics® (CBP) techniques and evidence based sagittal plane curve models; Denneroll devices represent a leap forward in treatment. They are effective, easy to use, and affordable for patients. With a minimal amount of instruction, patient clients can use Denneroll devices at home to help restore proper sagittal plane spinal curvature and correct other conditions. All of which augments treatment at your office, offering patients quicker recovery and improved health.

The type of spinal remodeling a chiropractor prescribes SHOULD BE based on a patient’s unique condition and situation. The Denneroll products patent pending designs are specific to each spine region, to the patient’s spinal alignment, and their ability.

And while affordable for your patients, Denneroll products are billable as DME devices to many insurance companies for home care.

Whether you’re looking to correct cervical and lumbar lordosis, or rehabilitate thoracic kyphosis for your patients, or improve the health of your practice, or all of the above, Denneroll can help.

Each shape has the patent pending Denneroll peak / fulcrum and provides stability and effectiveness for its individual spinal region. The localized affects from the Denneroll fulcrum design combines with each shape to allow you to target all areas of your spine.

Denneroll orthotic devices offer a simple solution to more effective chiropractic care by allowing patients to continue care at home. Under a health care professional’s guidance, correction of improper spinal curvature in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions can be accomplished anywhere, anytime. And that means faster, better results, which translates to less pain, more flexibility, and improved function. Proven in a number of case studies and one randomized clinical trial,1-6 Denneroll orthotic devices are used by patients of more than 2,500 chiropractors around the world.

With four Denneroll Orthotic Devices available, your patients can benefit from spinal remodeling in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions.

Each Denneroll, in each region, is specially designed, with precisely engineered contours, carefully tested firmness and flexibility, and accessories to enhance treatment. And did we say – they are simple to use! With simple instruction and education from you, your patients can use Denneroll devices at home to extend the effectiveness of treatment at your office.

The result is improved health for your patients, strengthened patient relationships for your practice, and additional income for you.