WebExercises Integration

Integration with the WebExercises platform to allow custom exercise content for easy exercise prescription to your patient or client. A WebExercises account is required for all exercise content integration.


Suggested Exercises

Save time by using the “suggested exercise” libraries that correspond to possible correctives based on specific movement screen findings or postural faults.


CBP Mirror Image Exercises

Exclusive integration with evidence based corrective postural exercises from Clinical BioMechanics of Posture a.k.a Chiropractic BioPhysics Technique.

PostureScreen plus WebExercises Integration allows the professional to save time! The Mirror Image CBP Library for Exercises allows professionals to go from their client’s posture assessment right to their suggested corrective exercises, narrowing down exercises the professional can choose that are evidence based. This saves incredible amounts of time. Nothing could be easier for sending objective, evidence based exercises to your clients.
The CBP Mirror Image® exercise library gives you the power to prescribe exercises recommendations with clear photos and videos narrated by Dr. Deed Harrison. This library also includes Denneroll traction instructions and functional training exercises for the CBP patient. With the new update, patients and clients can now view their ExRx on the optimized mobile browser, which makes it simple to get access to their programs anywhere, anytime.
To get started, just contact WebExercises and purchase the CBP Mirror Image Exercise Library, and link to PostureScreen. Click HERE to go to their website