We are proud to partner with NPE to bring healthcare quality assessments to fitness professionals at a price anyone can afford!

PostureScreen®, SquatScreen®, and LeanScreen®  are revolutionary applications for accurately assessing the status of patients and fitness clients and prescribing corrective exercises according to the screening results.  The solution encompasses analysis of Posture, Body Composition  (2D and 3D analysis available)  and Movement Screens (such as SquatScreen and PushUp Screen) that drive proper objective measurement and documentation with uniform assessment. Movement Screens can then automatically narrow down corrective exercise suggestions based on these abnormal movements faults.  Once the analysis and exercise selection is performed, the client will receive a secure email with links to their private exercise portal to view not only still images but streaming video of their corrective protocols. Findings from the assessments are generated as both objective reports in PDF format as well as annotated jpg images, both which can be uploaded into 3rd party client management software. Best yet, the professional can get real-time client feedback and monitor their progress through their online exercise portal through the WebExercises platform.

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