LeanScreen App Introduction and Tutorial

This is an introduction tutorial to the standalone version of LeanScreen.  (Please note that LeanScreen is also available as an in-app purchase upgrade for PostureScreen Mobile and SquatScreen users).  

This patent pending proprietary technology feeds measurements data for body composition into various body composition statistical equations (primarily those used by US Department of Defense on cadets) in order to find estimates on Percent Body Fat.  Additionally, it can also calculate BMI, BMR, and Waist to Hip Ratio.  This process of patent pending photographic estimation of anthropometry has never been done on a mobile device until now with LeanScreen.

This support article applies to the choice of anatomical landmarks for validity during Body Composition Analysis.  Failure to do so, or erroneously clicking the wrong anatomical landmarks will lead to less valid results.

Remember this is an ESTIMATE of the patient/client’s body composition to be used for education, and not meant to replace more sophisticated methods of body composition analysis.

Video link: