Features, Credits & Upgrades for PostureScreen Mobile

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Note all prices are listed in US Dollars (USD).  If you are from another country, the exchange rate will adjust your pricing.

After purchase, our application uses two methods of operation. The first option is to purchase the one time upgrade modules that you wish to use and then use a credit/token system for the assessments. The initial application download includes 25 assessments.  When you run out of credits/tokens for assessments, you will be prompted to purchase additional credits/tokens through the in-app purchase system in the application. For example, you can purchase 100 Assessment credits for $14.99 USD (50 Assessment credits cost $9.99 USD; 10 Assessment credits cost $3.99 USD). Credits/Tokens can only be used per the device that they are downloaded and can not be shared between your other devices.  Additionally, using this method, you would be required to purchase the upgrade modules such as LeanScreen, Movement Screens, etc. one time. 

The second and more popular option is to use the new Unlimited subscription option (which unlocks all modules for free and unlimited use of credits/tokens).  The advantage of this method is that it unlocks all modules and unlimited use, for up to 10 iOS devices (iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch).  You can choose from a month to month subscription ($19.99USD/month), or purchase for the year at a discounted price ($199.99USD/year when purchased up front). Learn More by clicking here.  Currently the Android version since it has limited features the subscription is less expensive, at $9.99USD/month or $99.99USD/year paid up front.    When you enroll you will be billed by AppStore.  NOTE:  Subscriptions are NOT cross platform, meaning you can not purchase a subscription on Android and expect to be able to use iOS for same subscription.  This is because they are completely different stores and companies – Google vs. Apple

If you purchase for iPad or iPhone, it is available for both and all iOS devices under the same account. Likewise, if you purchase on one Android device, it is also available on your other devices with access to the subscription as long as using the same Google Play account. 

Note Minimum requirements for Apple devices is iOS13 or later. Starting in PostureScreen version 10 for iOS your device will require iOS13. Augmented Reality Assisted Assessments is ONLY available on select iOS devices and only available while under Unlimited Subscription. Android devices require Android 8.0 OS and later.

FEATURES (One Time Upgrade Per Account)   iPad, iPhone, iPod touch             Android
Initial App (Comes with 25 assessment Credits)$49.99$19.99
LeanScreen (Free under Unlimited Subscription Option)$19.99  N/A
SitScreen (Free under Unlimited Subscription Option)$19.99N/A
3D Posture Capture (Requires Structure 3D Sensor) (Free under Unlimited Subscription Option)$19.99 iPad OnlyN/A
Edit Reports/Logo (Free under Unlimited Subscription Option)$6.99$6.99
Demographic Export (Free under Unlimited Subscription Option)$2.99$2.99
Comparison Module (Free under Unlimited Subscription Option)$19.99$19.99
Pain Diagram/Hx (Free under Unlimited Subscription Option)$4.99$4.99
SquatScreen (SquatScreen, PushUp Screen) / Video Capture/Analysis (Free under Unlimited Subscription Option)$19.99N/A
Advanced 4 View Posture Analysis IncludedN/A
Quick ScreeningIncludedIncluded
EHR Integration (Chirotouch, Genesis)IncludedN/A
PostureRay (X-Ray System Integration)IncludedN/A
Educational Movie Clips  (Free under Unlimited Subscription Option)See BelowSee Below

SyncScreen Cloud Subscription– HIPAA Compliant Multi Device Cloud Backup (any iOS Device). Advantages are to have access to same clients on any device regardless of Apple ID, and offloading of client files to save precious space on your device.  Learn More by clicking here. Prices are in USD.
Plans starting at $9.99/MonthN/A
UNLIMITED Subscription – This new option replaces the need for purchasing credits and most modules.  The advantage of a subscription is that you can unlock up to 10 devices for one low monthly subscription.  This is very helpful for busier gyms or health care facilities where multiple devices are using the application. All of these device must be using the same Apple ID account for iOS devices or Google Play account if on Android.  The Unlimited Subscription does not include SyncScreen. Learn More by clicking here.  Prices are in USD. Subscriptions are not cross platform.  Meaning you can not purchase on iOS and get Android use under the same subscription.  Plans starting at $19.99USD/Month or $199USD/yearPlans starting at $8.33/Month when purchased for the year or $9.99 on monthly basis.

All prices listed are US funds (USD). Modules per Apple ID or Google Play account are only charged once for multi-devices.


How to purchase upgrades, credits, or subscriptions:

This is a demo on the iPad how to purchase.  It is very similar process on Android
Video link: ​



With the initial install you get 25 postural assessment credits. After you utilize these 25 credits , you can purchase assessment credits ranging in price based on volume. All credits are ‘pre-purchased’ through in-app purchases within our application through iTunes or Google, depending if you are using an Apple or Android device.  If you choose to use the Unlimited Subscription, there is no need to purchase credits or modules, as it is one fee for unlimited used.

Posture exam credits only are used when exam has begun, either a postural or motion analysis examination, and are used 1 credit per examination for 1 or two view evaluations; for 4 View evaluation it is 2 credits. You may go back and edit a prior exam, and no additional credit is utilized. For more details on how credits are spent, CLICK HERE.

Assessment Credit Pricing (If not using subscription):

100 Credits for iOS $14.99 USD (9.99 USD on Android)
50 Credits for iOS $9.99 USD (6.99 USD on Android)
10 Credits for iOS $3.99 USD (2.99 USD on Android)

PLEASE NOTE: Credits are considered ‘consumables’ and are DEVICE SPECIFIC and are NOTautomatically synced nor can they be shared amongst multiple devices. For details on Apple’s policy on in-app purchase, please refer to:  

All purchases are performed by iTunes or Google Play Store. Please note however, if you install on another device that is linked to another iTunes or Google account – these are not transferrable, nor are the credits.

Google (Android) and iTunes (Apple) Apps are not interchangeable, as they are different stores and different programs.NOTICE: We are happy to announce we have listened to your feedback! Consequently, Starting in version 7.1 on our iOS version we have combined all credits to one pool of credits for ease of use.  Any credits previously purchased and on your device will combined into the one common pool of credits upon upgrading to version 7.1 


SyncScreen Cloud Backup Subscription Service

  • Multi iOS Device Backup (iPhones, iPads, iPods) and Sharing/Synchronization
    of Client Data
  • Save precious device space by offloading clients (especially those with movement screening videos) to the secure cloud.
  • Back up to HIPAA Compliant Cloud (if you are a healthcare facility, if you requite a BAA signed by our company please email us at
  • SyncScreen Cloud does NOT limit you to only your Apple ID, other people you wish to share your clients with that reside in your organization can also share the cloud
  • Administrator has ability to remote wipe data on any device or account in cloud

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SyncScreen Cloud Pricing Plans:10GB Cloud Storage Plan:

  • 1 Month subscription for 10GB of cloud storage is $9.99/month
  • 1 Year subscription of 10GB is Discounted to $99.99/month

25GB Cloud Storage Plan:

  • 1 Month subscription for 25GB of cloud storage is $19.99/month
  • 1 Year subscription of 25GB is Discounted to $199.99/month

Please Click this link for more details on SyncScreen Cloud

These items are Free while under Unlimited Subscription

LeanScreen (Apple iOS Only)  LeanScreen – the first to application ever to accurately estimate percentage body fat and Waist To Hip Ratio from photographs!!!  No longer will you waste time measuring a client with a tape measure or rely on calipers! This professional application is targeted for fitness professionals, gym franchises, nutritionists, dietitians, and other health care professionals such as physical therapists, chiropractors that work with patients and clients undergoing wellness or weight loss programs With LeanScreen, you actually measure body dimensions in seconds using our proprietary patented and patent-pending anthropometric technologies – all from photographs!

Video link:

Patient Examination Comparative Report (Apple iOS and Android $19.99)  This upgrade is essential for comparing examinations. You can compare any 2 examinations. Beyond the obvious pre/post examinations, we recommend that doctors or therapists that focus on postural correction preform this pre/post study immediately following a treatment, so the patient can fully understand the effects of the provided intervention. This is a very valuable asset in patient education! Doctors or therapists that perform outside screenings with our software, should also use this to compare back to the initial patient encounter at the screening, so the patient can objectively see the results of the doctor or therapist is providing. The practitioner should stress the changes in total distances (inches or mm) as well as total angular changes (degrees). Further in the lateral view should discuss the ‘effective head weight’ changes pre/post intervention. Currently the comparative report for LeanScreen is not yet available within the PostureScreen Version.  This will be available early 2014.

Video link:

Sample Comparative Report Following an Adjustment of a child that was injured from a “T-Bone Collision” while playing a sport. Please click on this image to open up the pdf document. Also note the new Posture Trend Analysis when more then 2 exams are available under a client/patient’s exam history.

Movement Screens (SquatScreen, PushUp Plank) & Motion Capture and Analysis (iPad Only $19.99)  This upgrade is perfect for those fitness professionals and doctors focusing on objectively capturing visual range of motion or functional movement assessments and analysis for documentation and analysis.  An example of this in use can be seen below:Video link:

Patient Stress Report – Pain Diagram Mini History (Apple iOS and Android $4.99)  This upgrade is perfect for in office use as well at an outside spinal screening event, where you wish to gain a mini-history for the patient/client. This can be attached to the screening as a ‘page 2’ portion of the PDF document or as a distinct PDF link:

Patient Demographic Export (Apple iOS and Android $2.99)  This upgrade is extremely useful when your office does spinal screenings on multiple dates. This feature allows you to quickly generate a Excel style demographic report for all screenings performed between a specified date range. This report is emailed to your main account which was entered in the email address section in PostureScreen Mobile. It is most helpful for your staff to quickly call or email prospective patients from a spinal screening. Video link:

Report and Email Template Editing and logo (Apple iOS and Android $6.99)  This module upgrade allows you to quickly edit and change the clinic logo, adding a jpeg image from your camera roll as well as allowing customization of both the outgoing email templates as well as the PDF templates themselves! Video link:

Video Animations:Educational Videos (Apple iOS and Android $1.99 to $4.99)  Since the iPad2 allows for video out “Screen Mirroring” with purchase of HDMI or VGA connector cables available through Apple, these educational videos are extremely useful in educating your patients or potential patients on posture and spinal health. On the iPhone or iPod Touch, video out is not availble, however, the videos will display perfectly for education when “on the go”.X-Ray Subluxation Degeneration of the Cervical Spine (Apple iOS and Android $4.99)  This is our most popular subluxation degeneration animation designed by Dr. Joe Ferrantelli. This is the same clip that many CBP doctors have observed in our seminar lectures, and is also available as part of a  spinal care class and Whiplash powerpoint series available through CBP Seminars.Low Speed Rear Impact Collision “Whiplash” Simulation (Apple iOS and Android $1.99) vs. Normal Flexion and Exetension ($1.99) This is a simulation of a low speed rear impact collision designed by Dr. Joe Ferrantelli. The whiplash topic often arises during patient education, and this video clip is a very powerful way of educating people on this type of truamas. This is the same clip that many CBP doctors have observed in our seminar lectures, and is also available as part of a  spinal care class and Whiplash powerpoint series available through CBP Seminars. Doctors can use the flexion and extension video clip to differentiate normal motion from that of a whiplash type traumatic event.Posture Decay (Apple iOS and Android $1.99) This educational clip shows how a patient may age losing their healthy posture over time if left uncorrected.Postural List Subluxation (Apple iOS and Android $1.99) & Postural List of Thoracic Spine Subluxation ($1.99) This educational clip shows how the posture is the “Window to the Spine” associating the spinal coupling of a trunk list.Video Link: