Does it replace a PACs or Acquisition Software?

No.  PostureRay® retrieves dicom images from a dicom root folder.  PostureRay is NOT a PACS. What that means is that if you utilize digital x-ray or receive DICOM files from a 3rd party, you will still be required to use the FDA cleared acquisition DICOM viewing software shipped with your x-ray system. You still need image archiving software for your digital x-ray system, as PostureRay is an EMR system only, not made to replace a PACs. After the DICOM file is captured by that software, it can be exported and interpreted by the PostureRay® system.  Most 3rd party acquisition software interfaces well with PostureRay® exporting DICOM or JPEG images which our EMR system can import.  If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact a customer service representative.