Backup 101 – Backup your app!

Many users neglect to backup their computers let alone their mobile devices.  This is asking for trouble. You should always use iCloud to back up your devices, no exception.  However, Please do not simply rely ONLY on iCloud or iTunes Device backup.  Beyond device level backups of iCloud and iTunes, You should also do App level backups of your important apps, especially PostureScreen Mobile since the data is important for your business.  This will allow easily transferring to another device or restoring your data quickly and easily should something happen to your device. So make sure everyone on your staff knows best practices on backing up.  Currently with version 6.0 and later we added another service to make this easier called SyncScreen which also allows for multi device sharing of client data. SyncScreen is the only method of backup that allows you to restore individual clients and merge databases from multiple iOS devices.  It allows you to save space on your device by offloading clients to the cloud, delete them locally off your device, then download them when needed for a comparison assessment.  All other backup methods listed below (Backup to Computer through iTunes, DropBox, Box) are all static backups, meaning if you restore them back to your device, they will overwrite any assessments currently on the device. LEARN MORE about SyncScreen

Also PLEASE NOTE, starting in version 4.1 of PostureScreen Mobile your staff is warned every 30 days when a backup is not performed.  So given this, if your facility chooses to ignore these warnings, and something goes wrong, and you lose your data your staff ignored these warnings.  Below is a screenshot of an older version of PostureScreen showing this warning with an exclamation mark on “Backups”.  On newer versions of our application starting on PostureScreen 6.0 this warning would show up on the “SyncScreen” button.

The video in the below tutorial is from version 4.0 and will look a little different then later versions however the concept is exactly the same:

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