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3D Scanning Introduction

In order to use the 3D capabilities of our application you are required to have a newer iPad to run our application (iPad Pro 3rd or 4th generation is suggested) and a Structure Sensor. you can order a sensor directly through their website for you do not need the Skanect Pro Bundle, but make sure you order the correct scanner. Please again note we only suggest using an iPad Pro 3rd or 4th generation with the structure Sensor and our application. Using any other level iPad may result in much slower scanning. The Structure Sensor Mark II will work with our 3D modules starting in version 10.2 of our applications. The original Sensor is still compatible for the time being, however, it has been discontinued. Likely this means it will cease to function in future software needed to operate the scanner which developers such as us rely on. The Structure CORE is NOT compatible. Please learn more about the Structure Sensor here:

Once you obtain scanner, you must calibrate it based on the Structure Sensor applications on the Appstore:   Be sure you have the latest software/firmware installed for your sensor.  Please note we can NOT support you on these steps, you will need to work with the friendly team at Structure for any questions about the hardware.

Getting started with our application, you will first need to upgrade to the 3D Screen ($19.99 one time purchase or be on the Unlimited Subscription).    Our application will deduct 5 credits for each 3D scan you perform, unless you are on an Unlimited Subscription.  You can annotate and capture those annotations as many as you wish for no additional charges of credit use.

Please Note: there is only LeanScreen 3D body composition assessments and image annotation available for use with the 3D Structure Sensor. There is NOT a dedicated 3D Posture Analysis assessment tool available at this time.

Beginning 3D capture
Video link:

3D Capture Process using the 3D Structure Sensor with PostureScreen and LeanScreen

Sample 3D Capture Process
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Scanning Process with 3D Structure Sensor

Performing 3D LeanScreen
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Applying LeanScreen 3D Markers

3D Annotation and Screenshot Tutorial
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