3D Practice Virtual Consultation Installation

In this tutorial we will review how you can install the 3D Practice Virtual Consultation software adding more functionality to your PostureRay viewbox.

You will need to be an owner of the original standalone 3D Practice Virtual Consultation Software and own a license.

To proceed, know that you can schedule our support team to assist you if you are under active technical support.  If you are not you can go ahead and perform this installation yourself.

Step 1:
Email technical support your wish to deploy this software and add to PostureRay.  Our team will need to turn on the PostureRay license on our side for you to use the software.  Please email

Step 2:
Download the software to your desktop from the following link:

Step 3:
Install software, watch how this is done.  Video tutorial link:

Step 4:
Write down and email your trial ID code to get permanent key unlock. With this install you only get 30 day trial, so it is important you email their technical support team.

Step 5:
Enter the permanent license given to you from 3D Practice technical support.